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Here you will find many photos  of Dalarna, which is situated in the middle of Sweden.


The province is considered by many to be the very quintessence of Sweden, Dalahorses and traditional Midsummer celebrations with the participants dressed in folk costumes. As a region, Dalarna has contributed to what can be considered as typical Swedish, for example Falu red and Falu sausage. A by-product of ore mining in the  copper mine is used to make  the falu red color that is very popular. The typical Swedish idyll almost always includes a red-painted cabin with white corners.


If you're in need of nature photography, photos of a specific region or city , we can do that for you . We are flexible and able to drive to many places.


Here we offer Real Estate Photography. If you are selling your house or apartment online, we can shoot photos for your Ad. Beautiful photos attracts more potential

buyers for your property.


We also offer a Cottage Service and if you rent out your cottage and need some nice photos for an ad, we can help you. We can advertise your rental object here.

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