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My name is Tony and I have been living in Dalarna with my family for about 2 years. First in the Ludvika area and now in

the Gagnef region. I have been working on and off in different places,but my main interest is Photography.


I am out in nature a lot or visiting events to take photos. Now I started working as a freelancing Photograph. Right now I am supplying different Stockphoto Agencies with photos. Also Real Estate Photography is in my interest. If you want to sell your house,apartment or property online and are in need of good photos, just contact me.(in the Dalarna region).Or if you need some photos of the region for magazines or etc.


Also we offer Cottage Service and you can advertise on our homepage. Just contact us, we are glad to hear from you.

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Mobil :  070 1434761

Gagnef Kommun , Sverige


Dalarna Photo in Björbo

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